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Metal Manufacture Company Scarborough - A & D Fabricating Ltd

A Comprehensive Metalworking Services. We provide a range of versatile metal fabrication work, from simple welding services to constructing entire trailers from scratch. Based in Scarborough, Ontario, we take your design ideas and make them a reality, accommodating all kinds of special requests.

Metal Manufacture Company Scarborough



At A & D Fabricating Ltd, we offer a range of services and products to meet your metal manufacturing needs.

Sheet Metal Supplier Scarborough


Sheet Metal

A & D Fabricating Ltd will blow you away with our proficiency in sheet metal fabrication!

Welding Services Scarborough


Welding Work

As MIG, TIG and GTAW specialists, A & D Fabricating Ltd provides excellent welding services for various applications throughout the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Metal Forging Services Scarborough


Metal Forging

Welcome to A & D Fabricating Ltd, your premier provider of top-quality metal forging services in Scarborough and the surrounding areas.

A & D Fabricating Ltd provides a wide range of metal working services, including general fabrication, sheet metal work, custom welding and more. Get in touch today for details.

Welding Services Scarborough

About The Company

As a Scarbourough-based one-man team, I’m a go-getter kind of guy with over 43 years of experience in the metal working industry. I got my start as a sheet metal worker, where I spent my days measuring, building, designing and installing metal constructs.

In 1995, I decided it was time to set up my own shop to serve the average person looking for one-off pieces. If your concept can be drawn, I can make it for you.

So, if you’re looking for a metal manufacturing company in Scarborough that delivers quality work at affordable prices and within short time frames, don’t hesitate to make A & D Fabricating Ltd the first place you call. I guarantee total satisfaction.

If you can draw it, I can make it

Metal Manufacture Company Scarborough

Why Choose A & D Fabricating Ltd?


Professional Service

I provide a prompt, efficient service you'll want to keep coming back to.


Always Improving

I have been in the industry for over 43 years and am up-to-date with all the latest developments.


High-Quality Products

I only use the best raw materials and equipment available to provide exceptional results.


Exceptional Prices

I pride myself on offering top-notch quality at affordable prices.

Sheet Metal Supplier Scarborough

Need expert metal fabrication in Toronto?

Here at A & D Fabricating Ltd, it is my mission to provide a range of versatile metal fabrication work, from simple welding services to constructing entire trailers from scratch.

I love what I do because a portion of my work is put to practical use in the public’s eye – the two visual weather display forums in the lobby of 2 Queen St. East being a prime example.

I cater to the average middle class customers of Toronto, those whose one-off requests are usually not picked up by most other companies. So if you need some metal work done, give me a call. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by my skills.

Catering to the average customer

Metal Supplier Scarborough