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Welding Work

A Comprehensive Metalworking Services. We provide a range of versatile metal fabrication work, from simple welding services to constructing entire trailers from scratch. Based in Scarborough, Ontario, we take your design ideas and make them a reality, accommodating all kinds of special requests.

As MIG, TIG and GTAW specialists, A & D Fabricating Ltd provides excellent welding services for various applications throughout the western suburbs of Melbourne. For further information, call us today!

What are MIG and TIG?

Metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding are 2 distinct welding techniques with their own uses, advantages and disadvantages. Their similarities lie in the fact that both techniques heat metals down to a liquid state and use a filler material to fuse the metals together. 

The strengths of MIG welding lie in the fact that it is easier for beginners to master and is better for thicker gauge metals and larger projects. TIG welding requires a more experienced hand but provides a cleaner and more precise join and works better on thinner gauge metals.

At A & D Fabricating Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing the best type of welding for your requirements. Contact us today to find out more. 

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MIG and TIG Applications

The welding technique you use will depend on the type of project you are undertaking.

MIG is best suited to projects involving thicker or bigger pieces of metal that require extensive welding. Since you can weld one-handed using the MIG technique, it is also suitable for welding at awkward angles. 

TIG, on the other hand, is more suited to projects that require precise and almost invisible welds. For instance, ornamental metal work would require TIG rather than MIG.

For more information about our welding services, contact A & D Fabricating Ltd today using the form below.

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